Bernie the Appenzeller Update – Sunday 10th November 2019

Bernie the Appenzeller

Well Bernie the Appenzeller hasn’t put a paw wrong. He is now happily living with Cleo, who is an Entlebucher, in his forever home and has settled beautifully. I think he probably rather likes having an older dog to mother him. Cleo is about 5 or maybe 6 now if I remember correctly and he’s been happy just to curl up and be around her. He’s a very calm little boy and seems quite content. We can’t wait to meet him one day.


I can’t show you Alfie’s special photo yet. That’s his official 14th birthday photo and I think he wants to show you that himself, actually on his birthday. However, the others are happy for me to show you their pictures and I can show you Alfie’s family ones. Today I’m going to start with the outtake photo. I’m sure he did it deliberately, but he claims he didn’t. This is Alfie’s first attempt of having his photo with Mum and Dad.

Alfie with Mum and Dad by Tom Sawyer Photography

Salvo and Izzy

Yesterday it was so lovely to have Salvo and Izzy come to visit. We were too busy talking and forgot to take a photo for the family album. To be fair to Salvo, Izzy and I did an awful lot more talking than he did and got told off for it once or twice. We can’t help having loud voices. Ok, so we could probably help trying to hold our conversations over loud distances and having to shout to each other, but we were walking, so you know how it goes.

It was funny, Alfie had been feeling all stressed out by the number of visitors we’d had, but he was really pleased to see both Salvo and Izzy too. They are fairly calm as Entlebuchers go and I think he liked that.

Shadow was a bit noisier in her welcome, but actually not too bad considering she wasn’t feeling too well. She may have a touch of pancreatitis again so Mum is having to monitor her.

Have a great Sunday



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