New Crate – Monday 11th November 2019

New Crate

Wilma has a new crate! Oh you have to laugh. You should hear her grumbling. This one does not fold down, so she has no quick method of getting out. It doesn’t have thin metal wires that she can pull off and then repeatedly bend until they break off. It is of much more solid construction. Our Mistress has, confidentially, told me there are three areas that may be weaker, but as one is the bottom and one is the top and the other is up against a wall, we’re all optimistic that Wilma Houdini Dog has met her match. It isn’t just about spoiling her fun, our Mistress is also concerned about her safety and welfare. When she breaks bars off and forces her way out one of these days she is going to hurt herself very badly and our Mistress couldn’t cope with that idea.

Dog Gates

On the bright side, the impossibility of containing Wilma has led to our Mistress completely removing one of the dog gates. That now makes two which have been put away. She is not happy about Wilma vaulting them just for the fun of it, again because one of these days she will cause herself an injury. Our Mistress is also fed up of walking into the ends of the open gates and causing herself severe bruising.


Now to something more important. I am, of course, quite a vain dog. I do like to make sure I’m clean and smart. We didn’t do a recreation of the photo I had with our Mistress four years ago, but I think I look pretty good in my new family photo. I do look a little greyer and I would really prefer you didn’t comment on that aspect, but what do you think? Here are the ‘then’ and ‘now’ photos.

Have a great day


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  1. Hi Ari, I love your photo you look very sophisticated. Well done, for sitting so still! I know you are still the “fun” Ari we all love. Love Dickens XXXXX

    • Thanks, bro, I thought I’d go for the sophisticated look, clearly worked. I’m working on my ‘dog of the manor’ appearance.

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