Friday Flashback – Friday 15th November 2019

Friday Flashback

Well it’s Friday flashback once again and I thought it would be fun to look back to when Alfie was just a puppy. When he was born he didn’t write a diary, so I can’t go right back. I did ask Mum about when he was tiny and apparently when he was born he weighed almost twice as much as Aristotle did when he was born. He was one of a litter of five, as you probably know by now. Where he was born, in Belgium, the first letter of the name goes with the year he was born. As he was born in 2005 his name begins with the letter E. I know Alfie doesn’t begin with an E, but his real name is Einstein. Can you imagine if Mum had kept him as that and we’d had an Einstein and an Aristotle in the house? Anyway, let’s go back a to when he was one.

2006 being Philosophical

It’s odd thinking about the difference between dog ages and human ages. I could almost feel cheated out of the six birthdays I would have had in the last year on top of the actual one I had if I really equate to seven years old in human terms. I suppose it is a bit like people whose birthdays fall on February 29th only getting a proper birthday every leap year. This means that I have overtaken one of the children in age already and will overtake James by my next birthday. It will take until I am seven before I will have overtaken my mistress and caught up with my master and that seems an awfully long time away.

It doesn’t seem fair that humans live so much longer than dogs do, or do I mean it isn’t fair that dogs live so much less time than humans? I look after myself, I eat healthily and get lots of exercise. What more do you think I would have to do to live to be 70+ in real years?

A Wayward Life

When you are a dog there doesn’t seem much incentive to avoid drinking heavily and smoking, either way I only get to live for 10 years or so. I suppose there would be little harm in taking up some dangerous sports, although I think my mistress might have something to say about it. She probably thinks that trying to chase trucks is a dangerous sport and that justifies her keeping me on my lead. She really does have so little imagination.

Back to today

I wonder what Alfie would have said if he’d known then that he would live to be older than every other member of the family, if you convert the dog years. It’s funny when you look back.

To finish off I thought I’d share his other ‘official photo’. The one he had with Mum and Dad.

Have a great Friday



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