Alfie and the Ramp – Saturday 16th November 2019

Alfie and the Ramp

Alfie and the Ramp are not getting on quite as well as we’d hoped.  Mum did manage to get him to go up it into the office and that went fairly well. It was the going down it that caused the problem. We think the angle might be a little steep. He picked up a tiny bit too much momentum. Unfortunately, he ended up running into the water bowl at the bottom and the wall behind it. He was not happy. I’m not altogether sure it was supposed to make the cracking noise it made either! I think Mum is going to discuss one or two adjustments to see if we can make it a little safer for him. Either that or put some padding on the wall.


I’m getting really excited. Mum is starting to make plans for our next trip to Switzerland. She has told me it entirely depends on Alfie being well enough for us to be apart from him and I do get that. I am just so excited about going out there again. Apparently we’re going to try to do the lantern walks we weren’t able to fit in last year. Mum’s now got some snow shoes too, so I do hope there’s some snow so we can try them out. I just LOVE snow.

My sister Tosca

My sister Tosca is expecting another litter of puppies. It’s so exciting finding I’m going to be aunt to some more little scoundrels. I wish I could see my nieces and nephews more often so I could spend more time leading them astray. There is so much I could teach them about getting into trouble.

Anyway, we’re planning a quiet weekend this weekend. Mum is really tired after her trip to London so says we can have some time curled up together with the duvet. To be honest, if I can’t be out walking then duvet time is my favourite. I’m not sure if we’re going to watch a film or read a book together. I’ll be happy with either.



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