Autumn Leaves – Monday 18th November 2019

Autumn Leaves

I love autumn leaves. There is something amazing about kicking your paws through them when you go for a walk. Then in the garden I can roll in them, bury my nose in them and send them up into the air. I’m having to make do with the leaves as I’ve now eaten all the pears that came down of the trees and I can’t reach the rest of the apples which haven’t fallen yet. I really need to get up to the vegetable troughs as I know Mum hasn’t got round to getting all the veg out, so they must be a fun place to play next.

Last Leaf to Fall

Anyway, whilst I think about the vegetables, I’m trying to work out which of the leaves will be the last to fall off. The cherry tree has almost finished dropping her leaves so she’s no going to win the prize. Last year the big trees dropped theirs all at once when we had a sharp frost but it’s a more gradual process this year. It’s a shame as Mum was going to do one of those time-lapse film things to speed it up if it had happened in the same way this year.

Biggest Problem with Leaves

The biggest problem with all the leaves is that it does make it very hard for Mum to clear up after us. It’s like the garden has been booby-trapped to make it dangerous for Mum to walk around. We keep our noses close to the ground so generally smell where not to walk. I’ve suggested that approach to Mum, but for reasons I don’t understand she really isn’t keen. It does make going outside with her quite funny as she is taking tiny little steps and looking all around her as though something is going to jump out at her. It does make going ‘boo’ awfully tempting.




  1. Well Wilma you can come and help Fritz to clear the leaves. There are many around.
    He would be pleased of any help!!!!!!
    Love from us all from Kornried. It is winter again.

    • Oh how exciting. I will just go and pack my bag and put it in the car ready for Mum to drive us there.
      Give my love to Tosca
      Love to you all

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