Win a Four Day Break – Tuesday 19th November 2019

Win a Four Day Break

Yesterday we received an email inviting us to win a Four Day Break with our human. We thought you might like to know about it to. It’s being run by the magazine company which publishes BBC Countryfile Magazine. We like looking at the pictures and Mum likes reading it to us, so it’s one of our favourites. Anyway, they want to hear about your story with your human. Whether you are their best friend, their care giver, a working dog or were rescued from a difficult life, they want to hear from you.

Some stories will feature online and one will be the lucky winner of a four day holiday for two dogs and two humans. Just for the record, I think you have to take at least one human with you, this is not the chance of a romantic liaison with the neighbour’s dog in comfort and away from prying eyes! Anyway you can enter HERE Do let us know if you win.

Swimming Day

Shadow is off for her swimming lesson today. She has asked Mum if one of us can go to watch as well. She says it’s not nearly so much fun now Alfie has stopped swimming. I think Shadow is a bit of a show off really and rather liked having an audience. Mum has said I can go with them as long as I understand that I’m not allowed in the pool and only going to watch. Where’s the fun in that? I said ‘yes’ as it gets me out of the house, but secretly I’ve got a plan to give her the slip and jump in. I’m sure I’ll get away with it.

Seven Days and Counting

I’m counting down to setting off on my next trip. I heard from my sister Tosca yesterday and would so like to go to see her. Mum doesn’t think she will be able to fit in driving me all the way to Tosca’s house, but I’m still hoping there might be chance to meet up. It’s such a pain being winter and the nights being dark and it being harder for travelling. If it were summer it would be much easier. Mind you, I do want snow and you don’t get that in summer, not even in our parts of Switzerland.



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