Lie In – Saturday 23rd November 2019

Lie In

Mum wanted a lie in today. Yeah, right, she’s got four of us to think about. How exactly did she think that was going to work? The great thing being a dog is that your body clock takes over from the fact you don’t wear a wrist watch. I can assure you our body clocks are as accurate as any clock would be, but then I guess you’d expect that from a Swiss dog! The older dogs in the house need their toilet breaks at the same times, especially Alfie. Once he needs to go there is no stopping him. The younger ones of us are governed by our stomachs. If our stomach says breakfast will be at 6am, then wow betide Mum if she is not putting our bowls in front of us at the correct time.

Back to bed

Thankfully, we agreed a compromise. She would get up at the usual time and take us out and feed us, if we’d agree to leaving her in peace to go back to bed afterwards. It’s pretty easy for me as I get to go back to bed with her, so I don’t lose out. The others grumble a bit, but basically are usually happy to have a post-breakfast nap. So that’s the plan. Diary written and back to bed. It won’t be for too long as Alfie will need taking out again in a couple of hours, but it’s a gesture to what she was hoping for.

Work to do

We have to do some work when we do get up. Either today or tomorrow, Ari and I have to help Mum wash the car before we go to Switzerland. It’s one of the things we really notice. Here the car gets so muddy at this time of the year as the roads are permanently wet and filthy. In Switzerland the car stays clean so much longer. Anyway, Mum says it’s important to be able to see out of the windows for our journey and to be able to use the reversing camera so something needs to be done. I’m hoping she will just take it to the car wash!



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