Ghost Stories – Sunday 24th November 2019

Ghost stories

Mum asked yesterday whether dogs tell each other ghost stories. No one has ever told me one so I wondered what she was talking about. Shadow and Ari had both slept in the same room the other night and then the following morning neither of them could face breakfast. At first Mum thought they might have a bug and was worried they’d share it with the rest of us, but by lunchtime they were both fine again and happy to eat. That left Mum wondering what exactly had gone on so that neither of them wanted breakfast. They wouldn’t say so the rest of us are none the wiser.


Aristotle has made very clear to Mum that he’s missing her when we go away without him. Now she’s feeling a little guilty for always leaving him at home. He wouldn’t cope well with the house in Switzerland as it has a lot of stairs, which is no good for his bad legs. She has wondered about renewing his rabies vaccination so he could come with us sometime, but she doesn’t think it’s the best idea. She wishes she could find some way to make it up to him. He’s happy with endless cuddles while they are both at home, but he’d just like them to be more of the time.

I just can’t wait

I am so excited. I’ve already arranged that I shall see Mama on Friday. And then I think Mum and Dad are going to a Christmas market later, so I shall sit in the car. It’s too busy and there are lots of foods I can’t eat. Anyway, as compensation for that, Mum and Dad are planning to take me out in the afternoon too, so I’ve had lots of exercise and am completely happy. That sounds like a pretty good compromise from my point of view.



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