It was not my fault – Friday 29th November 2019

It was not my fault

It was not my fault, really it wasn’t. What would you do if someone was about to fall on you? You’d get out of the way, obviously. It all started when I took Mum out for her early morning walk. It was dark still and I do know she’s not good in the dark. She had a torch so I thought she’d be all right. Anyway, I was wrong. She tripped. Neither she nor I have any idea what she tripped on. After that, I pulled to get out of the way, which unfortunately meant that instead of being able to right herself she twisted round, fell up a steep curb and did a sort of forward roll in the mud.

I came running straight back realising she was hurt. The giveaway was how loud she swore in public. No one was around, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed about her behaviour.

What next

Well, that was the end of my walk. Mum hobbled back to the car, swearing as we went. I think she was rather shaken. She had to go in to change as she was covered in mud. One ankle doesn’t look good. The shin of her other leg is badly bruised as is her elbow and her hand. Then she had to try to drive 350 miles. She had planned to drive cross country, but the only option was the motorway toll road so she didn’t have to change gear very often. It wasn’t the smoothest of journeys, but I thought better than to complain.

It was good to final get there and have Dad to be able to take me for a safe evening walk, while Mum put her leg up and put her pack of frozen cherries on it. That bag of cherries seems to come in useful. She’s glad she kept them!

Anyway, it does mean my walk with Mama and Valeria this morning isn’t going to happen. We’re just hoping she doesn’t need to go to hospital with it. Humans! You just can’t take them anywhere.



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  1. Really hoping, Wilma that nothing is broken on your mom. If she can still move – most likely not broken. Plus – tell her if she can get some arnicare gel it works wonders for bruises and swelling. I know because of a recent accident I had in my Gator and a fence post.

    • Sorry to hear about your accident too. Mum is taking arnica. I’m doing my best to look after her. I’m sitting quietly by her chair waiting for her commands.

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