We had Snow – Sunday 1st December 2019

We had Snow

View from our lounge

We had snow yesterday. I was so excited. Thankfully it was Saturday so Dad wasn’t at work. I did that whole excited child thing. I jumped up and down and just begged him to take me out in it. Fortunately I can twist him round my little paw and without complaint he got up and dressed and took me for a lovely walk. Mum was pretty fed up. She had to make do with looking at it from inside. She hasn’t ventured any further than a triangle of space between her chair, the bathroom and the kitchen. It’s a good job we have a big picture window in the lounge so she could at the very least look out onto it.


She had to take the boot off her foot so she could have a shower. You should see the colours her foot has gone. It really isn’t a pretty sight. She’s having to do injections into her leg every day too so she doesn’t have another problem with a long name. Anyway, we’ve been working out if she can do the injections in any sort of pattern to make a picture out of the bruises that causes. I’ve even suggested she could try to tattoo the letter W onto her leg and I think she’s working on it. It will depend how quickly the first bruises fade.

Going Home Early

One thing that has not cheered me up is that Mum and Dad have decided that she will have to go home early. It looks as though it is going to be some time before she can drive, so the only possibility is for Dad to drive. That means we’ll have to go over next weekend so it’s when he isn’t working. I was hoping we’d just have to stay here, but Mum says that wouldn’t be fair on Alfie quite apart from anything else.



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