Homeward Bound – Saturday 7th December 2019

Homeward Bound

By the time you read this, I should be homeward bound. I wasn’t planning to go until Monday, but it’s so that Dad can do the driving. I went to the vet yesterday to get my passport stamped and of course to eat all their biscuits. It was the first time Dad had come to the vet in Switzerland with me, so I had to show him where to go and introduce him to everyone. I got on the scales and was pleased to find I haven’t put any weight on. Dad didn’t get on the scales, even though I told him I thought it would be a good idea!

Odd Journey

It’s going to be an odd journey. Mum is having to sit on the back seat with her leg straight out in front of her. She has managed to get the front seat to go down almost flat so she can do it comfortably. Actually, I’m not really sure that comfortable is going to be the word. It means she and I can talk to each other really easily as she is right by my crate. Dad is going to look a bit like our chauffeur. I said he should wear a peaked cap, but Mum said that wasn’t a good idea.

French Protesters

We are really hoping that we don’t meet any of the French protesters on our journey. We met some at this time of year last year and it wasn’t a lot of fun. We are just hoping we don’t actually have problems being able to get home if there are lots on strike. I’ve got some water and my dog food so I should be ok for a while. I think there is enough of my food to share with Mum and Dad if they really need to, but no way can they have any of my Bonios!



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