I’m in charge – Tuesday 10th December 2019

I’m in charge

As you can see, I’m in charge. I’ve taken up position where I can keep an eye on the offending ankle and of course the rest of our Mistress. I waited to take over from Wilma until our Mistress had been to the hospital and they had given her a rather bigger boot that goes up to her knee. It makes her much more stable moving around, which helps with me not being so agile.

Anyway, one thing we’re having to work on is me giving her enough notice when I want to go out. You cannot believe how long it takes for her to get her boot strapped up and to hobble to the door to get my lead on me. I said she should time herself and then try to improve on the time each day, but for some reason that was not seen as helpful. I was thinking a bit of motivation might be good for her.

Losing my coat

I’m still losing quite a lot of my coat. To be honest it’s all a bit annoying. Mum has given me something of a brush, but we could really do with being outside for it and that is easier said than done. She’s promised to do some every day to see if we can knock me into shape. I don’t like to think my coat has lost some of it’s beautiful shine. She can’t brush too close to where my tumour is, but she is doing a good job of being very careful.

A good feeling

I do have to say, much as I love the others – well some of them at least – I am enjoying it being just our Mistress and me. It’s how it was in the old days before Shadow butted in and joined us. It is a very comforting and secure feeling for me to have our Mistress tending to my every need and not worrying about any other dogs. I’m planning to make the most of it as, if she makes good progress, the others will be back all too soon.


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