Vote Early Vote Often – Thursday 12th December 2019

Vote Early Vote Often

There used to be a slogan years ago in America Vote early Vote often. Our Mistress was telling me about it. It goes back to times long before there were any sensible ways to check, when people who did get the vote would go more than once. Now, obviously in the UK that is not acceptable in 2019.

However, making sure you vote is. I’m speaking here as a dog who has not been given the right to vote. It is not something any of you humans should take for granted. It is a privilege. By being able to vote you get a say in how all our lives are run. It is very very important. However tired you are of some of the issues, don’t let it just be like when a puppy asks for the same things over and over and wears you down until you give in. Be prepared to make a tough choice, even if you know it is not going to make it all go away.

The View of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party

As the leader, somewhat retired, of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party it is my duty to remind you dogs and cats what we stand for. Yes, we do have cat members as well as dogs. Anyway, I was born in Belgium to Swiss parents. I believe that it is a good thing that European countries work closely together. I want my pet passport to remain valid. I want our Mistress to be able to buy us things from other European countries without difficulty. I want to be able to get my medication easily when I need it. Most of all, I want to feel safe in my basket at night. I want to know that we are all working together for peace. I want to know that I don’t have to worry about my food being genetically modified or filled with chemicals. Oh I could continue the list – and so could you if you really thought about it. Staying in the EU is the best thing for all of us – dogs, cats, humans.

Apart from that

Dogs are not prejudiced, elitist, racist. We like, or dislike all humans equally simply based on the person they are. We don’t differentiate between rich and poor or base our decisions on gender, sexuality, level of education or place of birth. We take each of you individually based on kindness, warmth, gentleness and ok yes smell! But I’m not talking about expensive perfume or aftershave even then. I’m talking about the real you.

Vote for kindness

When you go to the polls today, vote for kindness, consideration, equality, fairness and unity. You can’t put a price on any of those, but if you throw them away the cost will be very high indeed.



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