Sunny Spot – Saturday 14th December 2019

Sunny spot

Alfie has found the sunny spot to lie in.

I do like to find myself a sunny spot to lie in. It was perfect yesterday morning. After I’ve had a couple of bad days I feel thoroughly exhausted and need to sleep it off. I may have snored a little, but our Mistress said she really doesn’t mind that when set against the days I’m confused. Apparently my gentle snoring is something she finds therapeutic, whereas my prowling like a caged animal is not.


Our Mistress has said she thinks she can cope with us having Shadow at home again now too. Until Dad’s here, she can’t quite see how she can manage all four of us, but at least having Shadow will be a start. I do need to have a quiet word with her though, Shadow that is, not our Mistress. The deal is that she can be in here with our Mistress and me as long as she doesn’t bounce. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to stop Shadow from bouncing but I have to try. As dogs go, she really is like Tigger on steroids.

Christmas presents

The upside of having to sit still is that our Mistress has been able to get most of the Christmas shopping done online. Now we start the annual Christmas game of wondering if all the presents will be delivered on time. Every year it goes down to the wire and one present or another seems to do several laps of the globe before finally arriving on our doorstep. I was going to take bets on which it would be, but I have been told in no uncertain terms by our Mistress that I am not allowed to tell everyone what she has bought as it’s all supposed to be a surprise. I do know she threatened her family with shares in an alpaca if they didn’t come up with ideas.


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