A Mixed Day – Monday 16th December 2019

A Mixed Day

Yesterday was a mixed day. My painkillers made a difference overnight and I was exhausted from the previous day that both our Mistress and I slept really well. To be fair, neither of us was exactly comfortable and apparently the settee in our lounge is not great to sleep on. I said it never seems to stop my Master but apparently that wasn’t helpful. I had breakfast and all my meds and was looking forward to a somewhat easier day. Unfortunately I only kept breakfast down for about ninety minutes. I was a good boy though and I did get to the kitchen before being sick to make it easier to clear up.

More settled

I think some of the tablets must have got into my system first as for the most part I did have a more comfortable day. I really want to sleep quite a lot though. I think I should read the instructions on the tablets as I’m betting they say I shouldn’t operate machinery or drive. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t planning to do either, but it’s always good to know your limitations.

Mum checked the swelling I’ve got that she found on Friday and thinks it’s got bigger still. I do feel the need to do quite a bit of licking but she’s told me that’s one of the worst things I can do.

Bad breath

She’s also told me I’ve got really bad breath. If it weren’t so cold outside I think she’d have opened a window in the lounge as it really is becoming a little rank in here. 

I found a small shaft of sunlight at one point and made the most of lying in it, until I got uncomfortable and had to move.

The funniest bit of the day, for me anyway, was when our Mistress couldn’t believe it’s only been two and half weeks since she broke her ankle and that she needs to stay off it for another three and a half weeks. She even got the calendar out and counted again to make sure she wasn’t mistaken. She says it feels as though it has been an awful lot longer.


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