Stern Words – Wednesday 18th December 2019

Stern words

Our Mistress had stern words with Shadow on several occasions yesterday. Shadow has a very ebullient and demanding character. She can be the happiest, bounciest dog in the world or she can give you ‘the look’ when she’s displeased. She’s been doing both in equal measure.

There is no doubting that Shadow is very happy to be home. Very happy indeed. The only downside of that is that she has bounced into our Mistress on more than one occasion and our Mistress is not awfully stable on her crutches. When our Mistress takes her outside, Shadow also has a bit of a tendency to skip and our Mistress can’t keep up. That would not be a problem were it not for Shadow being attached to our Mistress by her lead.


Anyway, as I explained yesterday I’ve developed a bit of a problem of being incontinent if I bark. Only two things make me bark, being separated from our Mistress for more than two seconds and Shadow barking. One of those we are in a position to control, the other as you can imagine is not proving popular with our Mistress. Normally, if our Mistress gets cross, Shadow doesn’t take a blind bit of notice. You can get a bit of an idea of just how stern our Mistress looked yesterday when I tell you that on three occasions when being told off, Shadow even stopped mid bark. Thankfully, she does seem to be getting the message.


Shadow begging - one of the things which led to stern words

The other thing that Shadow is particularly good at is begging. Now to be fair, we’re all pretty good at it, but it’s the speed that Shadow dives in if the human so much as hesitates that has always won my admiration. I’m much too polite on that score, although I’ve been known to take a chunk out of the odd misplaced finger. Thankfully, our Mistress is making it very clear that I come first in everything and will be given priority. Shadow is not impressed.


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