A Time for Giving – Thursday 19th December 2019

A Time for Giving

As this time of year is seen as a time for giving, we thought we’d tell you about a few charities that you might like to consider supporting. Those of us dogs who can sit in front of a computer, idling our time away enjoying ourselves are the lucky ones. There are dogs out there working very hard and there are others who are not as fortunate as we are. It’s one of the latter groups I want to tell you about today.


StreetVet came to our attention thanks to a lovely email from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The president of the RCVS Dr Niall Connell has chosen it as one of the charities he is supporting this year and so we decided to take a look.

StreetVet are volunteer vets and vet nurses who provide medical care and advice to dogs living on the streets with their homeless owners. Those dogs live a very hard life at times and also provide much needed companionship to the humans they support. The charity already covers many of the major cities around the UK and is expanding as more of the veterinary profession become involved.

What they do

Not only do they care for the many dogs who support homeless people, vaccinating, operating on, microchipping and so on, but they also help the homeless to find accommodation that will take them together with their pets – and that is very important. Can you imagine if you and your human had to leave where you live now and then were told you couldn’t get accommodation together? Would you give your human up? No, of course not. You’d rather sleep out with them than be separated. Helping a homeless person finding somewhere they and their pet can stay together can be the first step to getting them back on their feet.

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help but the one we like the most is to buy an extra gift this Christmas. They have an Amazon wish list, which you can find HERE and there are many items large and small that they need for their work in different parts of the UK. Why not ask your human to forgo buying one of your presents this Christmas and get them instead to buy one of the things needed by StreetVet?

You can simply make a donation if you prefer and if you are medically qualified you can volunteer.

We’d just like to say thank you to StreetVet for the work they do.


Find out more about StreetVet at https://www.streetvet.co.uk/

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