Life in the old dog yet – Friday 20th December 2019

Life in the old dog yet

Well there’s life in the old dog yet, possibly not a great deal but you don’t get rid of me that easily. We saw the vet yesterday and it is probably I have a type of lymphoma. We’ve got my pain largely under control, unless you start poking around, in which case I won’t be quite so pleased. She thinks I can look forward to at least a few more weeks before I have to hang up my lead for the last time. I’m still eating and I’m happy as long as my Mistress is in my line of sight. Our lovely vet has given me another medication to take at night that we are hoping will mean I don’t get distressed if my Mistress leaves me for a few hours to go to her own bed. For some reason she doesn’t see a chair with two footstools at the bottom of it as a long term sleeping arrangement.

Full house

Dad came home last night and Wilma and Ari are coming out of kennels this morning. We have no idea how it’s all going to work with our Mistress still on crutches, but she’s getting about a lot better now so hopefully we’ll all work something out. Christmas is all being shaped around my needs, for which I’m grateful. We were going into kennels but our Mistress has made clear that she’s by my side for as long as is necessary. It will be just the two of us at home on Christmas day. The others will still go into kennels while our Master goes to see his family as planned. Our Mistress says as we haven’t ordered a turkey for us would I mind very much if we had steak instead. I managed to keep a straight face when I answered her. Have you ever known me turn down steak?


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    • Thank you Bernie and to you and all your family too. Wilma says to tell you she sends her love, but I should warn you she seems to be sending her love to a number of boys so I wouldn’t place too much store by it!

  1. Merry Christmas Alfie and family. Thinking of you Robbie, Henry, Molly and Harvey and our humans Samantha and Paul. Love your blog. I hope youcan enjoy Christmas and don’t feel too poorly.

    • Thank you. I sent our Master to buy our steaks so we have them ready. They look wonderful, it’s hard to make me wait until Christmas day but out Mistress is going to.
      Have a lovely Christmas

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