A Big Day – Tuesday 24th December 2019

A Big Day

Today is going to be a very big day for me. In the last four years I have travelled no further than the swimming pool and a shopping centre about the same distance in a different direction. That’s about fifteen miles from home. The last big journey I did was when I went to Switzerland to help bring Wilma home. Sadly because of my dementia I got so stressed about some of that process that our Mistress said my travelling days were over. Today I am going over a hundred miles from home.

Alfie asleep getting rest before his big day

Visiting Family

I’m not well enough to go into kennels so that our Master and Mistress can carry on with their family plans as originally agreed. Basically, I need my Mistress close at paw twenty four hours a day, quite literally. My cancer needs have overtaken my dementia moments by some measure. My pain is mostly under control, but I’m drinking a lot and needing to pee a lot. Anyway, I do feel safe in the car so I’ve been going out with our Master and Mistress if they leave the house. But today is a much bigger deal. Our journey will be just over two hours each way. I will need to get out at a service station to have a drink and a pee stop. I think I’ll be fine at my grandparents as I used to like going there.

Meal times

We’re trying to fit everything around my meal and tablet times. I’ll have breakfast before we go and we’ll be back in time for my dinner. That will minimise me getting worked up. I just need to get round having my lunch while I’m at their house, but I think I can do that. I’m going to try really hard as it’s a small price to pay for the fact that our Mistress is then going to stay at home with me for Christmas Day and Boxing Day while our Master goes to his family without her. I know she’s disappointed not to be going but I am grateful to them all for putting me first, so I’ll try really hard today.




  1. Hi Alfie, we hope you enjoy your trip out today. I know what you mean I will go wherever I have to, to be with my Mum and Dad. We do appreciate your daily updates so thank you for keeping in touch. Love to you all , Dickens XXXXXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. At least all that time in the car will give me time to think about what I want to say in my Christmas Message
      Love Alfie

  2. Hope all goes well Alfie, I so remember nursing our old Bella through similar a few years ago. Have a great Christmas, Lynne xx

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