Brussels Sprouts – Monday 30th December 2019

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts – love them or hate them? They’re a bit like Marmite. Our Mistress says this is a brussels sprout free home. She hates them. When she was supposed to be cooking Christmas dinner for my grandparents my aunt asked if there could be brussels. Our Mistress made quite clear that the answer was no. Anyway, it turns out that my Mistress and her sister have an odd sense of humour. Our Mistress bought my aunt a plate with pictures of brussels sprouts on them. My aunt bought our Mistress some chocolate brussels sprouts.

Vegetables should not be toys

Then we heard from Dickens about his Christmas. He had a lovely time with his family and what do you think one of his presents was? He got a brussels sprout as a present. His was not the vegetable variety I should add. He seems to have a toy that looks like a brussels sprout. Given his mother’s wind problems I think it’s probably as well that he’s not eating them. Meanwhile his mother, Shadow, even without the help of extra vegetables seems to have a touch of wind. She tried blaming me, but thankfully our Mistress wasn’t fooled.

Missing Wilma

Our Mistress has reached her tolerance of missing Wilma. She has now started having nightmares about them being apart and not being able to get to each other. I’ve done my best to calm her down and reassure her that Wilma will be just fine, but to be honest I don’t think she’ll really be happy until they are back together. I’m just not really sure how it’s going to work between her nursing me and still having to rest her foot. Ah well, these things have a way of working themselves out, so I guess we’ll find a way through it.



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