New Year Resolutions – Tuesday 31st December 2019

New year Resolutions

I’m not making new year resolutions this year. To be quite honest, other than resolving to live for the moment and make the most of the remaining time I have, there doesn’t seem a lot I could try to aim for. I think it’s probably the first year I haven’t made any and I do think it is always a good thing to do. I guess there is only any point to them if you have the willpower to follow them through, otherwise they aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, if you write them down at all.


I was actually thinking about this yesterday and discussing it with our Mistress. What is willpower? Where does it come from? Do some dogs just use it as an excuse to do as they please? ‘Oh, it’s not good, I can’t diet, I don’t have the will power.’ It strikes me that’s just an easy way of letting yourself off the hook and holding yourself to a low standard. So here is my suggestion for all you weak willed dogs – why don’t you make your New Year’s Resolution to be to have enough willpower to do all those things you really ought to be doing? Whether that’s being good at your training sessions, or losing the weight from all the extra dog biscuits. That gives you just one resolution to keep and remember – to have the willpower!


To our surprise, our Master is close to finishing building his Lego Yoda. It’s kept him quiet for a while. I may yet have to bring his Airfix kit out in the hope he’ll get that done too. Our Mistress on the other paw is investigating the bag of knitting which contains a jumper she started on three or four years ago. I wonder if she will get to the end of the first side this time.



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