Yesterday – Thursday 2nd January 2020


Yesterday was a quiet day, a very quiet day. Our Mistress stayed in bed for the morning, but as that is in reality the chair in the lounge she was still with me, so I was happy. Shadow joined us when she came down and was just as happy to chill. The only constructive thing that our Mistress achieved was to make the decision she is never likely to finish the Aran jumper she started knitting four years ago. She did look at the pattern and concluded it was just too complicated and not a good use of her time. She’s started a completely different jumper with the same wool. This one is much easier and there is a serious possibility she may finish it in the next four years.

New Year Photo

Our Mistress wanted to take a photo with me and Shadow to celebrate the turn of the year. Neither of us wanted to sit still, but with a little help from our Master we got there in the end. She’ll have to do another one with Wilma and Aristotle as soon as they’re home tomorrow.

Normal Life

The last few weeks have been very strange with our Mistress’s leg, my illness and our Master being home for the longest he’s been around for ages. Now we need to start returning to normal life, although with me that’s going to be a bit difficult. Step one is all of us being at home again and having to settle into some sort of routine. Given our Mistress’s leg and her sitting with me, goodness knows how that will work. Step two is the hardest, when our Master has to go back to Switzerland. Step three will hopefully be the hospital telling our Mistress that she can drive again, but we’re a week away from that. One day at a time.




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