Chaos – Saturday 4th January 2020


Our house can best be described as chaos. I’ll be honest, I may have picked up a few bad habits in kennels and Mum’s patience may be a little thin on the ground at the moment. Ari and I have spent Christmas winding each other up and playing the ‘Who can bark first when they hear a noise’ game. I think I won most of the time, if you’re interested.

Apparently, now we’re home, Mum is not expecting us to play that game. I’m not to bark if her phone pings. I’m not to bark if I hear Dad coming downstairs. I may have been a little slow at picking up that she wasn’t happy… until she exploded and that was not a pretty sight. Mum reminded me of our ‘game’. Mum will send me out of the room if I bark. Well, I spent quite a bit of time in the hall before I accepted her rules, I can tell you.

Alfie and me

Shadow and Aristotle

Shadow cannot see why she has to babysit Aristotle. Aristotle is an adult. He’s eight years old, even if he is her son. Aristotle is one of life’s perpetual puppies. He in his turn said if he had to sit with his mother his terms were at the very least some beef jerky and not the biscuit which was being offered.

Mum is trying some pants for Alfie. The ones we managed to get yesterday are according to the box, the right size. We can only think their definition of both centimetres and kilograms are very different to ours. Poor Alfie, he was very unhappy as they didn’t fit him at all. We’re trying some different ones which we are hoping will arrive today.

I’m promising to be better behaved today. I’m doing a meet and greet this afternoon and I’m looking forward to it.

Anyway, it’s great to be back



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