Knickers – Sunday 5th January 2020


Alfie has some knickers – well, dog pants anyway. After yesterday’s fiasco in which the pants he tried were definitely not designed to fit a dog of our breed, today has been rather more successful. It was a good job really as the day had not started well. Firstly, Mum fell over me and her leg has hurt all day as a result. Then, while she was feeding Aristotle, having only just taken Alfie out, he had a poorly tummy over most of the kitchen floor. Mum was concerned as it was all a bit odd too, but I won’t go into too much detail in case you’re having your breakfast. Anyway, it took a while to wash the kitchen floor and to get rid of the smell.

Not himself

Alfie wasn’t feeling himself at all. We’re waiting to see if it was just because of his poorly tummy or if he is getting worse. He was very jumpy and getting upset easily during the day, which made it a blessing when the pants arrived and they worked. He is not very happy about having to wear them, but he does understand the problem.

Lovely walk

I had a lovely walk with Dad and the people interested in having a puppy. They have a lurcher at the moment and she and I got on very well. I liked the people too, which is always a good sign. It’s really the dogs who get to report back on whether we think people are suitable or not. We’re just so much better at judging these things than humans are.

Anyway, we are all beginning to settle into a bit more of a routine, so it wasn’t quite such a bad day as Friday had been. Now Dad is going back so the dynamic all changes again. We’ll be unsettled for a while but we have to get used to it. The hardest was for Alfie, who may not make it until Dad comes home next. It will be a bit of an emotional goodbye.



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