Out for the Count – Sunday 12th January 2020

Out for the count

Alfie seems to have spent his weekend completely out for the count. I don’t think it has helped that it has been grey wet and miserable here, but he has slept an awful lot. At one point our Mistress was able to leave the room without him knowing. She has even managed to take both me and Shadow outside, get herself a cup of coffee and go back in with Shadow without him having any idea she’d gone. Shadow even went and gave him a good sniff to check he was breathing without him reacting at all. Our Mistress says looking on the bright side, if he’s asleep he is not uncomfortable.

Excited Dog

On the other paw, Shadow has been a very excited dog. Her original human, James, came to stay for the night. Shadow worships the ground he walks on and was beside herself with excitement to see him. When she’s like that she has a range of yaps that is really very wide. She saves her highest most excitable yaps for her favourite people. If you didn’t know her you’d think she was in pain, but thankfully that’s not the case. I feel like that about one of our neighbours. I’m adopted her as an honorary godmother.

My ‘show me the biscuit’ face

The week ahead

This week is going to be strange for all of us. We’ve been so used to our Mistress having to sit still for the last few weeks and if we’re honest we like it that way. This will be her first week of beginning to get back to normal activities, some of which involve going out. Alfie will have to go with her as he is only happy in the car if she’s not here. It will be ok as long as she can still get him up the ramp into the car. If he struggles too much with that then we’ve really got a problem. We need to develop a mechanical hoist for him.

Have a great Sunday


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