Shadow the happy dog – Wednesday 15th January 2020

Shadow the happy dog

Shadow the happy dog. Well Shadow was a very happy dog yesterday, as she went swimming. Shadow has really missed swimming, she hasn’t been swimming for simply ages. She says she doesn’t know which she misses most, playing in the pool or the wash and blow dry afterwards. Mum said she was smiling the whole time. Mum is driving again. so Shadow shouldn’t have to miss quite so many sessions, which she’s pleased about. Ari says he’d quite like to go sometime too, but I can’t see his mum willingly giving up her slot for him. Of course, she’s at the vet tomorrow to see the heart specialist so she does need to see if they say she’s ok to carry on swimming. She would be so upset if she had to stop.


I’ve had a pretty good couple of days. I had a heart to heart with Mum and told her just how much I was missing our cuddles. Oh I know I can be a bit energetic. Mum was very worried I’d hurt her foot, but it was all getting me down. Anyway, thankfully she understood. She said she thought if I was careful I could join her in the chair. I didn’t need asking twice and was on her knee in a moment.

She’s started letting me get into bed with her at night again too. When I say ‘bed’ I obviously mean chair and two footstools, as that’s what we’re sleeping on so we can be with Alfie. Mum says she really does need to find a way to get back to her own bed as it isn’t doing her any good. I was comfortable, so it wasn’t too bad.

Alfie having a confused day

Vet visit

Alfie is off for a check-up this morning. He has not seen the vet for four weeks and Mum would like a bit of an update on how the vet thinks he’s doing. I’ll let you know what the vet says tomorrow.



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