An update – Thursday 16th January 2020

An update

Well here’s an update on Alfie and, as Mum thought, it really isn’t obvious. Our lovely vet says still only some of his lymph glands are enlarged, so that side of things is not that clear and there doesn’t seem to be much change in size of the enlarged ones. He could outlive all of us. Sadly, it’s not that simple though. His body might be holding up quite well, all things considered, but she doesn’t think his mind is doing quite so well. At times, the lights are on, but there really isn’t anyone home. Mum though when his head was sort of nodding from side to side it was as much about his muscles being weak as anything. Sadly it seems more about his brain not functioning normally. It all helps to explain his levels of distress if Mum isn’t there too. We just have to take care of him and wait until he tells us he’s had enough, or his body catches up with his brain and gives up.

What to do?

Well that leaves us all with the question with what to do next. Mum has made a start by trying to make the chair more comfortable to sleep in. I said I could help her bring a bed down from upstairs, but she’s going to try to new improved version of the chair and two footstools first.

Alfie and me with our eye on Mum’s tea

My role

Then there’s my part in the whole process. For reason’s none of us can quite work out, all this change of routine has left me getting up very early in the morning. I’ve been insisting on getting up anytime from about 4.20am. Apparently that’s not ok. Mum has asked me to stop. The problem is that I’m not really sure I know how to break the habit. She’s asked if I could maybe learn not to bark when I do wake up. I said, ‘How are you going to know I want my breakfast if I don’t bark?’ Apparently that was not the right response.

I need to work on this one, but I’m not sure I know how.



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