Alarm call – Sunday 19th January 2020

Alarm Call

Apparently a 5am alarm call had not been booked and Mum was not grateful. We did it properly. She was sound asleep and Alfie and I started barking in unison. You won’t believe how fast she can actually move. You probably can believe how much trouble I was in though. I’ve been given a severe talking to. I have to say it was so worth it and I’d definitely do it again.


Yesterday went remarkably well for Alfie. He had to go out with Mum as she was going to Harrogate and they were both worried about how he’d get on. Fortunately he was having a good day. He coped very well with getting out for a toilet stop at the Sainsbury’s nearby before Mum went to the library and then coped on the roadside outside afterwards. Fortunately, it was fairly quiet. He was tired when he came home though, but so was Mum so we all had a bit of an afternoon nap. Alfie managed to find himself a nice sunny spot for a while.


Dad woke up to snow yesterday, so I’m more than a little bit jealous. I got Mum to call up the webcams so we could look at my mountain. Oh I wish I could be there. Mum says she doesn’t think her ankle is ready to deal with snow just yet, but I would love to be there having a good run in it all. I am really missing it. With looking after Alfie we just don’t know when we’ll be able to go next. I know I shouldn’t be selfish about it, but I was wondering if there was a way I could go without Mum. I would be going to see Dad, so it’s not like it would just be a holiday.



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