Yesterday was a Quiet Day – Tuesday 21st January 2020

Yesterday was a Quiet Day

Yesterday was a quiet day. A very quiet day. Alfie had a couple of bad spells but increasing his medication definitely seems to have helped. The other thing that helped was that Mum was really tired so had a ‘duvet’ afternoon and climbed back into her makeshift bed. That was good because she let me get in with her, which meant I didn’t jump on Alfie so often and he didn’t get disturbed. As it turned out, apart from the fact that Mum didn’t get as much done as she was supposed to be doing, we were all happy with the arrangement.

Gotcha Day

It’s actually fourteen years today that Mum and Dad brought Alfie home. She was telling me all about it. She sat with him in the back of the car on the way back. Being the dog he is, he was as good as gold right from day one. She was laughing at how much spare space there was in his bed and how he needed to put all his toys in with him so it didn’t seem so big. They were living in Belgium back then and he had a wonderful puppyhood, walking in the woods behind where they lived. Mum said they used to see all sorts of wildlife and Alfie had a wonderful time playing hide and seek among the trees with her. I wish there was woodland here that we could play in.

Confession Time

Aristotle went into confession mode and said it was him that peed in the snug and not Shadow. Shadow had taken the blame without complaint, so I don’t know what went on between them for him to decide to confess. It’s happened three times now and he’s promised to try and be good from now. Of course, Mum says she’s heard him make promises before, but she’s going to give him the benefit of the doubt. She’s also going to change what time she takes him outside so that he doesn’t use that as an excuse. All our routines are a bit odd at the moment.




  1. There are some lovely woodland walks at Yearsley. I used to go with my sister and her dogs when she lived near Easingwold so shouldn’t be too far to drive. Wilma would love them! Love Judi x

    • yes we like Yearsley but Mum says even those paths are a bit uneven for her at the moment. I think I need to be patient.

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