Wonderful Time Swimming – Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Wonderful time Swimming

Shadow had a wonderful time swimming yesterday. She was so excited when she came home. Her new medication is making quite a big difference and she didn’t get nearly so out of breath as she has recently. She had already noticed that she no longer coughs after taking a drink, so she is a very happy little dog. She said it has made her really start to look forward to the year ahead and even the ache in her hip isn’t going to get her down. The only problem with her being especially happy, rather than just ordinarily happy is that she bounces even more than normal. Aristotle has asked if we could swap and could I share a room with her instead of him as she’s driving him bonkers. I just laughed. Shadow has told me that Aristotle is driving her bonkers too, so I’m just going to leave them to it.

Sunny Days

We are really enjoying these sunny days. Our lounge is great on a sunny day as it gets sunlight most of the day. I’ve asked Mum if we can carry on sitting in there, even when we don’t have to for Alfie, but she says she really does need to get back to her office. It’s funny the things a human says they miss, but it seems she’s willing to trade sunshine for her white boards.

Apparently Mum can’t resist me when I look like this – so I’m practicing.


Alfie is having an outing to the dentist today. He isn’t the one seeing the dentist, that privilege belongs to Mum, but he’s going for the ride. It really is quite fortunate that the weather is not too warm for him to sit in the car while he waits for her. He says that at least it gets him out of the house. I’m determined not to be jealous, but I do feel a little displaced at the moment.



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