Problem Child – Saturday 25th January 2020

Problem Child

It’s my turn to tell you about the problem child of the house. Oh I know Aristotle took the opportunity yesterday to make out that I was the one who was the problem, but I need to put the other side of the story. Yes, it’s fair to say I was getting a little stir crazy, but then so is Mum, so it’s not that surprising. However, whilst I may be trying to bark everyone deaf and causing good natured mayhem, Aristotle is not coping too well with the current situation either.

Problem child with no Self-control

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times Mum takes him outside, he is finding the stress of sharing a room with Shadow all too much. He can quite happily go for hours without going to the loo. Mum had taken him out after lunch, so when the window cleaners came about an hour later she didn’t think anything of it. Clearly the excitement got too much. She said she had never seen such a large pile of poo from a dog and wondered if an elephant had moved in while she wasn’t looking. He’d peed in there too.

Family Discussion

I went to day care at the kennels yesterday so I could have a jolly good run with dogs who actually wanted to play with me and had an awesome time. When I came back I was much more chilled and was quite happy when Mum said we needed to sit down for a family meeting. Alfie wasn’t in the meeting as it was largely about him and he was having a bad day anyway. Mum asked us all what more she could do to make all the current upset easier for us to get through. Mum’s ankle is rather slower to get to the point she can go for proper walks than she’d hoped, which really isn’t helping.

Me in the sunny spot

Here’s the Plan

We’ve made a plan for the next ten days and then we’re going to see how things go from there. I’m going to have a couple more days at day care next week. Mum is going to try to give Shadow and Ari little walks on alternate days. She’s hoping that will help both of them and that Alfie will cope while she does it. If they are off lead and she takes her stick she’s hoping it might work. We’ve all agreed that in return we will try to be a bit more understanding. I’ve got to stop getting up at a silly hour of the morning and Ari has to stop going to the toilet indoors. Shadow will of course just carry on being Shadow, she hasn’t really done anything wrong.

Now just to cross my paws that I can keep my side of things.

Love Wilma