Totally Unexpected – Wednesday 29th January 2020

Totally Unexpected

Well, that was totally unexpected. You have to remember that Alfie has not been able to climb stair for around six months, not even half a dozen. He had to stop swimming due to the pain in his back. His back legs have been steadily giving up and every so often he just lands in a heap on the floor. Now, with all that in mind, just how surprised do you think Mum was to find that he’d jumped up onto the settee as he couldn’t get comfortable on the floor? Her first worry that he wasn’t going to be able to get down again, but he used his front legs and slithered his back legs off without ill effect. It is all very strange. He’s booked into the vet next week to have some further tests.

Totally unexpected - Alfie has managed to climb onto the settee.
Alfie on the settee

It’s only his body that seems to be doing better, we have no idea where his mind has gone to, but it doesn’t seem to be here.


Shadow had a lovely time swimming yesterday. She says that since she started her new heart medication she feels so much better. She made a play of not wanting to get into the pool, but once she was in she had a great time. It will be her 11th birthday in just over a week and I can only hope I’m doing as well as she is when I get to be that age. She’s still jumping around as though she’s a puppy. She might say ‘Ow’ every so often when she tweaks her bad hip, but it doesn’t stop her from jumping everywhere she goes.


Aristotle had his kennel cough vaccination yesterday. He let the side down. He was as good as gold. He has just shown up how badly behaved I was when I went for mine. What’s the world coming to when I don’t have an ally in Aristotle? I always thought of him as my partner in crime, but I may have to reconsider.

Love Wilma

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