What is normal? – Monday 3rd February 2020

What is normal?

I have to ask the question, what is normal? Mum said yesterday that now Dad has gone back, we need to get back to normal. That would be all very well if any of us had any idea what normal was. I know what normal used to be, but it seems to be one of those things that changes all the time. I think she’s saying we need to get back into a routine, but even that is easier said than done. On the one paw, I’m happy at the suggestion it is going to mean more going for a walk for me, but we’re still sleeping in the lounge with Alfie so I can’t get into bed as I like to do. Mum’s also said that she’s not prepared to go away and leave Alfie, so I won’t be going to Switzerland just yet.

Full Examination

One thing that has been odd is that Mum wants to make sure she gets the most out of Alfie’s vet visit on Wednesday. She has been giving him a thorough nose to tail examination to make sure she is familiar with all his lumps and bumps. That’s not the bit that’s odd. She has then examined each of us so she can identify all the differences. It was freaking all of us out when she kept saying things like ‘That bit feels odd’.

I’m thin

Now, my Mama made a comment to me that my sister Wanda has a nice slim waist. You know what mothers can be like, comparing you to your siblings. It is just so annoying. Anyway, I told her I was all thin too, but I’m sure she didn’t believe me, so I got Mum to try to take some pictures of me standing so she could see. It was starting to get dark at the time so I’m not sure I’m showing myself to best effect. Come to that, I’d just had my tea too so may not have been as thin as I could have been. And, before you ask, no I wasn’t holding my tummy in for the photos.

Love Wilma

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