Crufts 2020 – Tuesday 4th February 2020

Crufts 2020

I’m trying not to get excited about Crufts 2020, but it’s hard. There aren’t many of us entered this year and Mum says I’m in such beautiful condition that I could do very well. The only problem is that we don’t know if we’re going or not because of Alfie. Mum has said we need to do some practice just in case we do go and I’m certainly willing to give it a go as long as she promises not to fall over. She’s not great at this sort of things at the best of times. When we get there, the human of my niece Sybil takes me in the ring. She’s much better at it than Mum. It works out all right as long as Mum isn’t standing anywhere I can see her. If she is, I just try to run out of the ring to find her and apparently that doesn’t go down well with judges.

An argument

Shadow and Aristotle have been having an argument over who is going swimming today. Aristotle says that as Shadow is getting more walks than he is, he ought to have the opportunity to go swimming. Mum says he’s got a point, but the problem is that being in the car with Aristotle would distress Alfie, so she’d rather take Shadow. You would think that it’s Mum he ought to be arguing with, but he prefers arguing with Shadow. They can bicker for hours about nothing, so when he has a genuine grievance, we all hear about it.

Shadow’s Birthday

It’s Shadow’s birthday on Thursday and I’ve seen her presents. Mum has made me promise faithfully that I won’t tell her what she’s got before the day. I know she’ll like them. We are of course all appealing to Mum to go to the butcher’s to buy some steak, but Shadow says if she does go then she should have it all, which would be an awful shame.

Love Wilma

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