Alfie is Out for the Count – Wednesday 5th February 2020

Alfie is Out for the count

Well, Alfie is out for the count. Once he’s asleep he doesn’t hear a thing. In the past, he was ready for action at a moment’s notice. Now, Mum has to wake him sometimes when she wants him to go out or to take his tablets. The only thing he can be relied on to be awake on time for is food. He’s not prone to missing meal times. That may be because I jump on him to get him to join in the barking, but no matter. He and Shadow both have vet appointments this morning. Shadow’s are just for her annual vaccinations, but Mum wants Alfie to have a thorough examination to see if we can find out anymore about what is going on with him. It would help if the vet could get a sample from one of his lymph glands but the ones that are swollen are in places it’s hard to get to without sedating him.

Shadow’s swim

Shadow had a lovely swim yesterday. She says she loves her time in the water, but she might actually like her wash and blow dry at the end even more. It made me wonder if there is a spa resort for dogs anywhere. I think I’d like to have a few days away with Mum where I can be pampered and so can she. I think we might both rather like that.

Alfie’s eyes

Considering his age, Alfie really does still have lovely eyes. They’ve lost none of their depth and lovely brown colour. Mum says he’s still a very handsome dog for his age. I hope I can look that good when I’m his age. His eyes are a much darker brown than mine. His hearing has held up pretty well too, at least if you shake the biscuit box. If you try calling him when he doesn’t want to come in then, like most boys, he’s selectively deaf.

Love Wilma

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