Shadow Puppy Flashback – Friday 7th February 2020

Shadow Puppy Flashback

It’s Shadow puppy flashback -I thought I’d give you a Flashback with a difference. I wanted to see what Alfie had to say when Shadow was born, but it was the 8th by the time he wrote about Mum’s trip to see Shadow when she was only one day old.

It means I can also show you pictures of ‘then’ and ‘now’.

Shadow Puppy Arrival

Due to a very tiny oversight on my part, it turns out that there are three boy puppies and one girl. My Mistress has met them but I can report from giving her a good sniff when she got home that they are lovely. It’s probably best that I’m kept out of the way while they are so very small, I’d hate to go and be clumsy and stand on a tiny paw. I know from the many times my Mistress stands on my paws that it isn’t much fun when you are trodden on by something a lot bigger.

Shadow and her brothers

Travelling By Train

I can also tell from the smell of my Mistress that her rail travel did not involve any nice new rolling stock and by the smell of her the brakes on the train could do with a good service. As a dog it is amazing what you can pick up from a good sniff. I learnt that my Mistress had knocked her coffee over and had spilt it down her jeans in large quantities, either that or she is wearing it as a new form of perfume.

Shadow’s Birthday

Anyway, that was all eleven years ago. Back in the present Shadow says thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes and she seems to like her presents. She had a quiet birthday, give or take a spot of barking and is looking forward to enjoying her dotage.

Eleven years on – Shadow now

Love Wilma

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  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Shadow vom Berner Oberland. Alles Gute wünschen
    Whoopy vom Kornried, Tosca vom Rickental mit den 5 Welpen, Beija – Flor aus Welliehausen, Fenja vom Kornried mit fritz und Maja

    • Thank you. Shadow send you all her love and says she has happy memories of her times with you

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