Quiet Sunday – Sunday 9th February 2020

Quiet Sunday

Unfortunately it’s going to be a quiet Sunday. There was me planning a nice long woodland walk and instead we’ve got to sit at home while a storm batters the outside world. Mum said it would be too dangerous for us to be in woodland. One of the big woods we like going to is actually closed for the weekend because of the warnings. I’m going to sit by the window and see if there is anything exciting flying past, other than the things you expect like birds. I hate it when the weather spoils my fun.

Snowball fight

It was bad enough yesterday when I found out I was missing out on a snowball fight with some of my friends on my mountain. Mum said we probably couldn’t have taken part until her ankle is fully healed, but that shouldn’t stop me. I could have taken Dad. I was really fed up thinking of the fun I could have been having. We haven’t seen any snow in England at all and I’m missing it.

Move or I’ll Bark

Alfie and I rather ganged up on Mum yesterday. We decided she’d been sitting still for too long. She was working on a Saturday. What’s a dog to do? In or case it was more what are two dogs to do? We decided if we crept up on her and then suddenly barked then she was very likely to move, even if it was only because we’d startled her. It worked a treat. She didn’t actually do anything interesting when she did move, but it was fun none-the-less. We’re thinking of trying it again later. At least two of us got a kick out of the game. It’s just a shame Mum wasn’t impressed. Maybe she just needs to get the hang of it.

Love Wilma

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    • What do you mean? That’s us when we’re being quiet. You should see us when we’re noisy!

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