Ari is fed up – Tuesday 11th February 2020

Ari is fed up

Well Ari is fed up today. He’s pretty annoyed that Mum is making him have his claw removed, but he’s even more cross that he can’t have breakfast. His claw is still attached but split down the side. The vet said we could leave it for a few days to see how it went, but Mum said she know what he’s like and he will catch it on something. If he did, you’d probably hear the squeal from where you are, so she is making the right choice. He just doesn’t see it quite that way at the moment. He’ll be fine once it’s sorted.

We’ve moved again

I told you we’d done the big move out of the lounge and up to the office. Well, we didn’t stay there long. There were a number of reasons that it probably wasn’t going to work, one of which was the risk of me jumping over the gate and hurting myself. The other was that Mum and Alfie were struggling to get him up and down the long ramp without him falling off the edge or Mum hurting her back. Anyway, we’ve gone back to the lounge but with a little help all the furniture has been move round so that Mum has a proper bed in there and a desk to work at. The best bit is that it now means I can sleep in the big chair and it’s right at the foot of Mum’s bed.

Hair Loss

Alfie has suddenly started losing more of his coat again so Mum is keeping an eye on him. He’s not losing it in the same way we do when we just shed. It’s more sort of odd clumps so we’ll see. Anyway, he’s going to watch Shadow swimming this morning so that should cheer him up.

Love Wilma

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