Ari is Naughty – Thursday 13th February 2020

Ari is naughty

Well Ari is naughty. Mum has now lost count of how many bandages he has removed from his paw. It’s a war of attrition. She has tried to put a boot on his paw and he simply won’t stay still for her to do it. He’s also threatened to eat it if she does. Given that there are only three boots left in the set as Megan ate one years ago, Mum is taking him seriously. He says he point blank refuses to be seen out in a pink boot. I thought they were rather nice, but Mum won’t even let me try them on. She has told Ari that if he takes the bandage off again then she will find something more permanent to contain it. I don’t think she means it though.

Day Care

I went to day care yesterday and as always had great fun. Mum is still waiting for me to come out clutching the painting I’ve done for her, but she does enjoy picking me up at the end of the day even without it. She always asks me about what I’ve been doing and has my tea ready for when I get in. She misses me, but it does give her chance to give a bit more time to the others. It is proving hard to balance things with Alfie needing so much of her time. He’s been more incontinent the last couple of days. At least his pants mean there isn’t a mess but Mum has had to change his pants more often. Other than that, he’s not doing too badly.

Stormy weather

I can’t wait for the stormy weather to stop. Mum is now able to walk much better than she could and has promised that we will go for our woodland walk just as soon as the wind dies down. We’ve got another storm forecast for this weekend so I may not be just yet.

Love Wilma