Charge of the Entlebucher Brigade – Saturday 15th February 2020

Charge of the Entlebucher Brigade

Mum said yesterday was the charge of the Entlebucher Brigade. She was sitting at her desk when we decided it was time for tea so Alfie and I got either side of her and barked alternately. It didn’t get our tea but she did start to spout poetry at us. She also sent her apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson and all families who lost soldiers in that particular conflict!

“Alfie to the right of her,
Wilma to the left of her,
Shadow in front of her,
barked, howled and thundered.
Woofed at like hounds from hell,
Wilma joined in as well,
wanting their tea put out
Onto their bowls they fell
The starving dog pack.”

Ari Poo Watch

The Ari poo watch is continuing. We have not seen the bandage yet. He is eating and pooing normally but there has been no blue bandage. Mum says if it has not appeared over the weekend then she will talk to the vet again on Monday. Ari says he’s trying his best. He’s even offered to go indoors if it will make it any easier for Mum to check.

Weekend in bed

We’re on an amber weather warning this weekend, so Mum has suggested we spend the weekend snuggled up in bed. There is just one small flaw to her plan. The bed is right by the windows that, during last weekend’s storm, she discovered are leaking. If we have driving wind blowing the water at the windows again then bed may be the last place she wants to be. I have offered to share the settee with her as long as she doesn’t take up too much room. We’ll be all right as long as Alfie doesn’t decide he wants to get up here again. If he does we’ll all have to hotch up a bit to make sure there is enough room.

Love Wilma

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