If it’s not one thing – Monday 17th February 2020

If it’s not one thing

If it’s not one thing it’s another. On the one paw, after being sick we thought the bandage incident was all over for Ari. Just for the record, the one he was sick with was blue. The one that came out in his poo yesterday was green. Mum didn’t even know that one was missing and, as he had that on before the blue one, it’s been in his system quite a time. It must have been before the pink one the vet put on. We are just hoping that it has now all come out and he is completely bandage free.

It’s the other

Alfie on the other paw does need to go to the vet. He is peeing blood. He’s been a bit out of sorts since Saturday, but then yesterday Mum realised there was rather more to it. She thinks he’s got an infection too, but she thinks that is a separate problem. He says he just wants to be left alone at the moment and doesn’t want to be bothered by me licking him. I guess I can understand that, but I was only trying to tell him how much I cared. Mum has been giving me some lovely cuddles and promising we will have lots more time doing things just the two of us in the future. I know what she means, but neither of us really like to talk about it.

Alfie sleeping as close to Mum’s bed as he could get

No more storms

Please could we stop having storms. Lots of places need some time to recover from this one. We need to get someone to fix some leaky windows too. Our windows have been funny. I realise windows don’t normally have a sense of humour, but ours have. Mum has a vase of artificial flowers and after the storm last week she noticed there was water in the vase and though her friend had put it there by mistake. The friend said she hadn’t and Mum was confused. Well it has happened again. There is no water on the window ledge, but the way the flowers are arranged has channelled all the water, that came through the gap, into the vase. There is now about two inches of water in the vase again. Either that or we have a ghost flower waterer.

Love Wilma