Feeding the Wildlife – Tuesday 18th February 2020

Feeding the Wildlife

I think Mum may be overdoing feeding the wildlife. Some of the birds are looking awfully plump. Given she is strict on the portion size she gives me, I think it’s most unfair that she gives so much to the birds. Then there’s the mice in the loft. She feels them on chocolate spread. She says it is so she can catch them, but to be honest they seem a lot better at eating the chocolate spread than they do at being caught. The squirrel is looking pretty well too, despite my trying to chase it up the tree.

I did have a look at what the birds are being fed. Would you believe, while I get the same kibble every single day, they have a choice of seven different foods. Ok, with the Bonios mine is two, but I certainly don’t get seven varieties.


Alfie is on antibiotics to clear up the infection. Once that is gone, he has to do another urine test to see if there is still any blood or not. He said his examination was most undignified, but on the bright side he can confirm that his prostate seems absolutely fine. That in itself is pretty good going for a dog of his age.

Waiting for News

We’re still waiting for news of Lia and Izzy going to meet their respective boyfriends. Both of them are later coming into season than we were expecting, so I’m biting my claws with the tension of it all. We’re hoping that any day now we will hear that everything has started and they are packing their travel bags ready to go. I am, of course jealous on both counts. I would love to be having puppies but even more than that I am so missing travelling. I am never happier than when I’m throwing my toys into a holdall and setting off on an adventure.

Love Wilma

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