Lookout – Wednesday 19th February 2020


I’ve got a new lookout post. Mum wasn’t very comfortable on her bed, so she’s added an extra mattress. I’ve discovered that it now gives me a perfect view out of the window at the front of the house. I could stay here all day and watch the world go by. Mum has asked me not to knock anything off on the window ledge, but she should know by now that the only safe way to prevent accidents is to move things out of my way. Of course, the other safe way is for me not to be up there, but that’s just boring.

Helping Mum

Mum has some errands to run around the village today. She’s said I can go and help as long as I’m good. Would I ever be anything else? We have to put some posters up. I can’t reach the notice boards and I’m not that good with drawing pins, but I’m sure I’m helping just by being there. It keeps Mum company if nothing else and I can check she does a good job.

I helped mum clearing a downpipe that was blocked yesterday. I stood well back to make sure I wouldn’t get wet. I’m not completely stupid. However, what came out was lots of decomposed leaves and I have to say they tasted very good. I ran off with some before Mum got cross and cleared the rest away so I couldn’t have them.


Here’s me in the best shape I’ve ever been in and Mum says we might not be going to Crufts. She doesn’t want to leave Alfie. I asked if I could go without her, but apparently that’s not an option. He is having a day at day care tomorrow to see how he gets on. I do hope he’s all right and then she decides that we can go.

Love Wilma

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