It’s all my fault – Friday 21st February 2020

All my fault

It’s all my fault and I don’t know what to do. When Alfie went to day care, Mum said would Ari and I like a run round outside. Normally we can’t really go too bad as it upsets Alfie. Well, you know how it is. I got carried away with the excitement of it all and chased Aristotle madly. I called him a wuss because he wouldn’t chase me so much. When we went inside I was jumping over him and then goading him to jump over me. Now he’s hurt and it’s all my fault. He can’t put any weight on his back right leg. It’s so much worse than it would be normally as he relies on his back legs because his front legs hurt. What am I going to do?

He went to the vet and the vet and Mum are both worried he might have torn his cruciate ligament. He’s had bed rest since then and we have to see how he is this morning, but no one is optimistic. He’s back at the vet to be examined and have an xray and I feel so very bad about it all. Poor Aristotle he is going to be so miserable if it really is badly damaged.

Ari not being able to put weight on his leg

Alfie’s Day

Mum did feel a lot better about trying Alfie in day care when he happily trotted in with Shadow without so much as looking over his shoulder or waving goodbye. He was pleased to see her at the end of the day, but said he’d been ok. He’d overdone it a bit, so was rather stiff and quite tired. Mum says she will see how he is today and may then feel comfortable with him staying in kennels for just a day or two as long as she isn’t too far away.

After the chaos I caused yesterday I’m going to be especially good today and I will be gentle and nice to everyone. I do hope Ari will be ok.

Love Wilma


    • Oh Betsy, thank you. He really is very miserable this morning and can’t weight bear on it at all. Paws crossed.
      Love Wilma

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