Not so bleak – Saturday 22nd February 2020

Not so bleak

Well things are not so bleak for Aristotle as far as we can tell. He had an xray yesterday. He was pretty fed up not to be allowed his breakfast and kept begging for the vet to feed him. Anyway, as far as can be seen he has not completely torn his cruciate ligament. He may have done some damage to it and there is a lot of fluid on the joint, but it is stable even if he can’t actually use it very well.

Our vet has told him to take bed rest for the next ten days and have some anti-inflammatories each day. Then we need to see if rest has solved the problem or whether he needs to see the specialist. Most dogs of our breed, told to stay in bed, would think it the worst thing in the world. Aristotle as the world’s laziest working dog is more than happy. One thing that was funny was when the vet checked his heart. She said he has a very slow heart rate and suggested he was a very chilled dog. He’s just a laid back sort of guy.

I do hope he’s all right as then I won’t need to feel so guilty.

Twiddling my paws

Alfie doesn’t seem to want me around so I’m rather twiddling my paws. Mum thinks he may settle down again and says to give him time. She said it might help if I didn’t bark every time he grumbles, but that’s just what a Wilma does. They can’t stop themselves. I tried that line on Mum, but she said that they really need to learn to stop themselves or they are going to miss out on quite a few things.

On the bright side she is letting me help her with all the jobs around the house and it does seem that Alfie is a little bit happier on his own than he was, so it’s not all bad.

Love Wilma

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