How exciting – Sunday 23rd February 2020

How Exciting

How exciting is this? I thought you’d like to be the first to know, Lia (Ophelia vom Gspan) went to visit her stud dog yesterday. She had to travel all the way to Belgium to meet him. His name is Tsjerno (Pluto-Djerno). Anyway, it was the first time for both of them and they took a while to work things out, but when they did well, after that everything went to plan and they mated. This is such good news. They’re meeting up again today and tomorrow too. Some dogs have all the fun! Anyway, they’re old paws at it now so they will know what to do without having to work it out. Congratulations to the happy couple and we all hope they will have a lovely litter of puppies.


Alfie wasn’t feeling so good yesterday. He was eating very slowly and then was sick later. Mum was a bit worried as when he was sick he lost all of that dose of tablets. She’s watching him carefully today to see how he is and hoping he’ll pick up again in a few hours.


We had a delivery of dog food yesterday. I know there’s nothing unusual in that but the company we use have a points scheme and Mum has been letting us choose what we’d like to do with the points we’ve built up. Well, this time we chose four different types of treats, one each. Alfie hasn’t had any of his yet, so that’s not what’s made him sick before you ask. The rest of us are very happy with what we chose. Mine is a very big box of treats compared to the ones that Ari and Shadow chose. That’s because theirs have to be delicate on their tummies and cost more, not just because I’m greedy. We like points schemes we’ve decided. Mind you, last time Mum made us get some dog bags so we could clear up after ourselves and that wasn’t nearly so exciting.

Me and Mum snuggling up

Love Wilma

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