Spring or winter? – Thursday 27th February 2020

Spring or Winter?

Well I don’t really know if it’s supposed to be spring or winter. One minute the sun is shining and if you can find a spot out of the cold wind, then it’s actually quite nice. The next minute we’re being threatened with more snow. Did I say that with a straight face? Mum really doesn’t want any snow, but I do. I want lots of snow. Shadow and Alfie feel the cold more these days, so neither of them are keen and obviously with only one good leg out of four at the moment Ari doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. I on the other paw want enough to be able to roll around in and bury my snout deep into it, and of course to build a snow-dog.


While we’re on the subject of the weather, we’ve got more roads around us closed because of flooding. Then they’ve gone and forecast even more rain. Another yellow warning for the weekend. I think that is four weekends running. It’s so mean. Why can’t they forecast some sun?


The bad news is that we won’t be going to Crufts. Here’s me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I’ve worked really hard to get my waistline nice and trim and my coat glossy and now we’re staying at home. Alfie’s had a tummy bug and it’s rather knocked the stuffing out of him. Mum says she isn’t putting him into kennels when it isn’t necessary. ‘Apparently’ my desire to win isn’t considered necessary. Obviously I was looking forward to seeing my friends too, but it was mainly about the winning. On the note of Alfie’s upset tummy, if anyone knows how to get the smell on our porch to disappear I’d be very grateful. He didn’t quite get out in time the other night and despite several lots of disinfecting the smell keeps coming back.

Love Wilma

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  1. Hi, my Mum wondered whether the kennels could help with some strong disinfectant. They must have the same problem from time to time. I am just back from my walk with Dad and I am in the dog house. I ate half a pheasant wing!! he tried to take it away but I know all the ricks and hung on like mad. Mum is not looking forward to the end result it has feathers and all!!!!! Lot of love Dickens XXXXX

    • Oh Dickens, your pheasant story made me laugh. Sounds like you’re having fun.
      It’s a good suggestion about the kennels. The only problem that I forgot to mention is that our Mistress is highly chemical sensitive and has allergies to most strong chemicals, which is probably why we have a problem. Oh dear. It is getting a little better.

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