Alfie is going on a trip – Saturday 29th February 2020

Alfie going on a trip

Well, today Alfie is going on a trip. He has told Mum he feels strong enough, even though his tummy is not completely right. He’s off to see our grandparents for the day. He will be in the car for most of the time, which he’s happy about as he can stretch out and have a good rest. Mum has told him they won’t stay too long, so as long as he’s happy to have his lunch while he’s there, he can be home in time for tea. Mum’s just hoping the weather isn’t too bad for the journey.


It’s that time of year again. Aristotle has had his gardening catalogues out to help Mum decide what vegetables we’ll plant this year. To be honest, it’s more what variety rather than what vegetables. Since the disastrous cauliflower episode, when the caterpillars ate the lot, Mum has retreated into her comfort zone. Oh she’s tried potatoes, which were more pea sized. The sweet potatoes didn’t grow at all. The beans were stringy. The marrows did not look like the packet and the peas were hard. She comes back to her old faithfulls of carrots and parsnips. We all vote for carrots, but actually, it’s only Mum who likes parsnips.

More gardening

Actually, Aristotle is going to be busy. Mum has finally conceded that, for reasons we will never know, her favourite Bramley apple tree did in fact die last year. It is showing absolutely no sign of life. A replacement tree has been ordered and, unless the old one makes a sudden recovery, they will be switched over shortly. Little by little Mum has turned out back garden into an orchard. More to the point, she has returned it to being an orchard as we’re told it was one years ago. We are now up to two pear trees, five apple trees and two cherry trees. There’s a greengage, two blueberry bushes, and a blackberry bush as well. I’m the only one who likes greengages so I get those to myself.

Love Wilma

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