Our turn – Sunday 1st March 2020

Our Turn

Well it seems to be our turn. Whilst Alfie is busy getting over the bug, both Ari and I have one down with it. To be fair, we don’t have it as badly and weren’t off our food for long, but it’s such a pain when you want to enjoy yourself and instead you feel sick and uncomfortable. We’re actually in kennels at the moment and we’ve decided to stay for an extra couple of days so we get over it before we go home. As Alfie is only just getting back on his paws we don’t want there to be any risk of giving it to him again, or of it being a different bug. Shadow has made quite clear she doesn’t want it either.

Alfie’s Day Out

Alfie said he had a nice day out. They didn’t have any real hold ups, so he wasn’t in the car for too long. In any case, he’s very comfortable in the car so he doesn’t mind. He was pleased to see Granny and Grandpa and gave them all our love. The only problem was that he wanted Granny to give him lots of cuddles. He knows she’s a soft touch. He came home with a pack of cooked turkey to help his tummy getting back to normal too, so he was very happy. Shadow was very pleased to see them when they picked her up. She’d been in isolation for the day, to stop her picking up our bug, so she was feeling a bit fed up.

Alfie and Granny

Lazy Sunday

While Ari and I kick our heels trying to get better, Mum, Alfie and Shadow are planning a lazy Sunday. The weather is still looking pretty grim so I suppose I can’t blame them. I just feel a bit left out. Maybe Mum and I can have our own ‘duvet day’ when I get home.

Love Wilma

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