Making us Wait – Monday 2nd March 2020

Making us wait

My niece, Izzy, is making us wait. She had a progesterone test yesterday, but it’s still not time for her to set off to meet her boyfriend. She will have another test on Wednesday and we think she will be setting off either later that day or the following one. I’m just sitting here biting my claws in anticipation.


It is so frustrating that I won’t be going to Crufts. I really think I could have done well this year. I’m at the age where I’ve grown up a bit so might have remembered to behave responsibly and Mum says I’ve never looked so good. I did fancy a chance of making it into the big ring. Now I’m going to have to persuade Mum to qualify me for next year and see if I can keep my figure is such good shape until then. I suppose if I think about it, that will help me to lay off the biscuits.

Making us wait to see Dad

We’re missing Dad. We’ve all decided that non-essential international travel doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. It means he won’t be coming home to see me in a couple of weeks as he’d planned to. Obviously he was coming to see Mum too, so she is sad about it as well. Given that, as a dog, I can’t catch the virus, I was wondering if I’d be allowed to travel unaccompanied so I could go and see him on my own. Mum says she’d put a little tag around my neck saying ‘please look after this dog’, but I strongly suspect it wouldn’t actually be allowed, even if I did open my passport at the right page for them.

Alfie back to normal

If things are still ok by breakfast, Mum is putting Alfie back onto all his tablets that he couldn’t have while he was ill. She wants to see if she can get him a bit more settled again to have a little time without her being there to hold his paw. I do hope it works as it will make our walks easier.

Love Wilma